Road Tanker and Rail Tank Car Unloading

Rail Car Unloading

Deliveries from tankers to site storage presents similar challenges to tanker loading such as site storage tank overfill prevention and vapour management.


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Inventory Monitoring

Diesel Tanks

A range of mechanical, electronic and monitoring solutions are available to improve the safety, efficiency and life-time costs associated with the storage of hazardous liquids.

Mine Vehicle Loading

Mine VehiclesAFTAC can assist in the supply of flow metering and monitoring equipment as well as reporting and alarm notification systems to track the usage of fuel, oils, coolant and other liquids.

Passenger Vehicle Refueling

Passenger Vehicle Refueling

Every litre of fuel can be accounted for - including fuel dispensed into passenger vehicles. Weights and Measures approved dispensing systems

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Service Vehicle Loading

Small Service Tanker LoadingAFTAC provides robust Flow Metering and Control equipment to measure the transfer of fuels, oils, coolants, etc into multi compartment service tankers and from there to individual heavy vehicles.

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News update

We are pleased to announce that AFTAC has been appointed the Australasian agent for Woodfield Systems Ltd.       

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